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"It's not good though. Everyone keeps going 'Oh, you must be a millionaire'. No I'm not, 'cos the money's split. So many hands are out. Every job I do. Ricky and Steve weren't away with me when i was abroad. Yet they get the big dib of it. They've got their 'ands out. There's agents with their 'ands out. I am not a millionaire so let's get that out there. I'm skint at the moment. No money's comin' in. And the reason i was on the phone then, the reason i didn't answer was, the 8 calls i've just 'ad, was because i was on the phone to the electric people. Givin' them a meter readin'. They'll want payin' on time. I can't just tell them 'Oh the money's in the pot'. The Tax man - 'The money's in the pot, you can 'ave it when i get the pot!!'. I don't know when i'm getting paid. That's how it works. I'm sick of it."

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