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nexiee, Donator 2014-03-27 00:07 | #1
Walk the dinosaur1
wiggur, Donator 2014-03-27 00:19 | #2
Extrem jävla commitment.
t0nberry, Donator 2014-03-27 00:26 | #3
Suveränt gjort, dock lite för obvious.
waf, Donator 2014-03-27 00:33 | #4
#1 nexiee: fattar inte. vadå walk the dinosaur?
2014-03-27 00:39 | #5
#4 waf: Mem från 4chan, här från knowyourmeme:

Everybody Walk The Dinosaur is a copypasta meme originating from 4chan. The point of it is to be telling a really raunchy or interesting story and then abruptly end it with “OPEN THE DOOR / GET ON THE FLOOR /EVERYBODY WALK THE DINOSAUR.” Thus, the expectant reader is trolled by the lack of a climax to what could have been full of win. The preceding lines are the (incredibly catchy)[citation needed] chorus of the song “Walk the Dinosaur” by the band Was (Not Was). A number of other artists have done covers of the song, the most notable of which are by George Clinton for the Super Mario Bros movie and Queen Latifah for Ice Age 3. It is possible that this is one of the reasons that this phrase became so popular. It is not used as much nowadays but was once feared as much as the dreaded Bel Air.
amaraim, Donator 2014-03-27 01:41 | #6
För att vara en som inte hänger på 4chan - Var redigt svårt att läsa vertikalt.
aktrolbas, Donator 2014-03-27 17:45 | #7
#3 t0nberry: Riiight...
Ranaki, Donator 2014-03-27 20:35 | #8
OHHHHHHH fan vad bra ahhahaha
t0nberry, Donator 2014-03-28 00:37 | #9
#7 aktrolbas: Detta är ju inte precis nytt på 4chan.
Inlägget är borttaget 2014-03-29 23:45 | #10

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