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Abild   Kille med roadrage får sin bil förstörd Tillbaka
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Daikar, Donator 2018-07-14 09:05 | #1
Fan va besviken har ser ut i slutet :D
irre, Donator 2018-07-14 11:52 | #2
Reparationen blev nog dyrare för Jeep ägaren ändå
Inlägget är borttaget 2018-07-14 16:02 | #3
Jaycob, Donator 2018-07-14 16:05 | #4
Rudy is the driver of the car, and though it might look like he is the “good” guy trying to flee a crazy at his driver’s side window, he is, in fact, the villain here. The guy whose car was totaled, the one seen first standing in the street, is named Adam and he could’ve been killed. Apparently, this all started as traffic was blocked and people were turning right from Sunset Boulevard onto Silverlake Boulevard. It was just traffic as usual in Los Angeles, backed up, and Rudy apparently was impatient and started honking and throwing bread or something out his window at a couple of different cars. Adam was one of those people who had something hurled at him/his car by Rudy. At that point, Adam stepped out of his vehicle and was like “What the dude, why are you throwing shit?” He returned to his car, whereupon Rudy promptly and deliberately smashed into Adam’s back bumper. Adam got out of his car once more, this time in shock and disbelief. It’s at this, point that the video starts. That’s when everything escalated, and Rudy just went haywire and started ramming into Adam’s Prius, backing up and ramming into it again, violently tearing off the driver side door of the Prius and forcing the car up on the sidewalk. Plenty of witnesses. What Rudy did was completely unacceptable. Basically, the cops are doing nothing, letting this guy go back on the road and labeling it an “accident,” to be resolved through insurance and/or civil court. But make no mistake, this was a crime, and if the cops had witnessed this life in person, they would have arrested Rudy on the spot. This was what I would call an ”assault with a deadly weapon” or “vehicular assault.” Several of the other witnesses and myself are trying to hold him accountable through his place of employment since it seems the cops wouldn’t do much.

SmoKeY_355, Donator 2018-07-15 15:30 | #5
#4 Jaycob: För många vill ha en förklaring varför detta hände? Inte intressant öht så lägg av
Daikar, Donator 2018-07-15 22:33 | #6
#5 SmoKeY_355: Ingen ville veta vad du tyckte heller så käft
hestjaevel, Donator 2018-07-16 07:01 | #7
#5 SmoKeY_355: Det är fritt fram att läsa, vill du inte kan du gå och röka weed eller vad du nu hellre gör. Pajas.

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